Thursday, 4 April 2013

Impact Project Wednesday

I am always impressed with the projects our students are doing and I am inspired by the deep learning they are prepared to engage in. Today I had the pleasure of meeting the two Hannahs. The two Hannahs are designing a mural for the wall outside the art room . They have used Banksey as their artist's model and they have done a huge amount of preliminary work around the design. One of the Hannahs is keen to be an architect and she is most concerned to be innovative and thoughtful about the placement of the mural. It was exciting to see how they have incorporated the two windows into the design and how they take the mural around a corner. The mural is full of surprises and I really love the way they have incorporated the word "inspire" from our vision. They use the expression - Dare to inspire  -which I think is really great because it was very clear to me that that is exactly what they were doing - daring to inspire. Sally, the art teacher talked about the intense difficulty that the students would face because of the intricate nature of the work and the surface being somewhat uneven. The girls only response was that they were up to the challenge and were looking forward to it. I am looking forward to seeing the end result.

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  1. Looking forward to a photo being posted of the finished mural.