Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Moved by this response

Hi Barbara,
My name is Dearna and I am mother of two young boys. I am also a relief teacher aide and currently doing my Teacher Aide certificate through the Open Polytechnic.
My oldest son is seven years old and has Autism and ADHD and is in a mainstream school here in Hamilton. Yesterday I came to Auckland to the Bruce Mason centre to see my sister graduate. And I heard your speech. I loved what you had to say. I loved that you challenged all those going into teaching to challenge the status quo, to dig a little deeper and to make a difference. To believe that EVERY child has the ability to learn. I believe passionately in all that you said. And I wanted to tell you that your speech gave me hope. If even a small percentage of those new teachers really heard what you had to say yesterday then I have hope for children like my son, “the round pegs in the square holes”. I have hope that those teachers will dig a little deeper and see what we as parents see, the huge potential and the valuable contribution that our children have to make in the world.
Thank You,

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