Monday, 8 April 2013

Myth busting

I have been asked to address Massey University School of Education graduates (so they are going into teaching ) at a graduation ceremony. I have been wondering what is the best message for young people starting out in schools and I keep coming back to - CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO !!!!!!!!
The myths to challenge
1) Some kids can learn, some kids can't.
2) Boys learn better when  ...........
3) Girls learn better when   ..........
4) Maori students learn better when  .........
5) Asian kids learn better when   ........
6) Some kids are gifted, some aren't
7) Kids need to be streamed into classes - the top classes get all the so called bright kids and the low classes get all the dumb kids.
Let's stop the madness and ask some questions about how best to organise our schools so that each child is seen as a person of value with a unique way of learning and a need to contribute.


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  2. Hello Barbara,
    Thank you for creating this wonderful blog.
    I don't know how I missed it, but I just discovered the link to it in your latest newsletter. I'm keenly making my way through them, wanting to comment as I go.

    This particular post "Myth busting" and the last line "How best to organize our schools..." compelled me to stop and comment.

    Better ways to organize our schools might be found when we take into consideration individual learning style, personalities and differences in timing of cognitive development, and allowing the students an opportunity to find the right learning niche for them.

    A firm believer in each person's innate understanding of what he/she needs to learn in order to have the skills to contribute their best talents to their society, I think that given an appropriate degree of choice, children will ally themselves with the teacher whose approach and area of expertise best inspires their hard-wired desire to learn.

    Where there is a good match between the teacher, topic and student, there will be an inspired mind. Where there are inspired minds, there is respect and love for learning, also well-being, and builds the kind of self-esteem that brings with it a sense of personal responsibility for one's choices.

    Just a thought!
    Again, very much enjoying your posts!