Friday, 5 April 2013

New Problems, Old Solutions

I loved the story that Paul Porteous told about the silver backed gorilla. ( Paul was speaking at the SPANZ conference in Queenstown).
The silver backed gorilla is definitely the leader of the pack - he has a silver streak down his back so that he is instantly recognised as such. The greatest threat to the pack was always the leopards and the leopards relied on the pack splitting up so that they could pounce easily on one gorilla. The answer for master silver back was to encourage all the gorillas to get behind him thus making it impossible for the leopards. The problem now is that the biggest threat is the poachers with guns so now, of course, when master silver back gets all his pack in behind him it is oh so easy for the poachers to get a good shot. The poor old gorillas are dying out.
MMMM food for thought - Schools are requiring new solutions - our contexts are so different yet we continue to come up with the same old solutions. There are new solutions and when we have the time and space we are very capable of coming up with them. It is exactly when the environment is changing that we are called upon to exercise leadership. Our leadership HAS to be about how we learn not just about protecting the group,providing direction,and maintaining order. We need to be getting together to start thinking.
I am confident that ChallengeED will be the forum for that.

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