Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Small steps indeed !!!!!!

For his impact project, Dylan with great confidence is setting up YENGA (Young Engineers Association) for students across New Zealand. He has found inspiration from participation in ModelUnited nations. He is keen to set up a similar structure for young engineers. He envisages a day where there is a speaker to set the day off and then there is a competition in which school teams participate. He has contacted Auckland University and not surprisingly has found huge enthusiasm. They have already promised to provide the speaker. Dylan has set the date for the first symposium which is June 22. His task now is to contact the schools and get participants. He is using FACEBOOK and is confident he will get the numbers.
Dylan is working with a team of committed physics students. He says they are all going to Auckland University next year and want to develop and lead the group so that it gains momentum not just for school students but for University students as well. They see it developing as a New Zealand wide organisation.
I ask him if he is thinking of going global. He laughs and says, 'Small steps, Barbara, small steps."

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