Friday, 5 April 2013

The power of learning conversations

I am really intrigued at the power of the conversations that teachers have with students. It seems to me that what happens when a teacher has a genuine conversation about learning with a student it is not just that the student appreciates the immediate issue being discussed but something much larger happens - the student is being recognised and is being drawn in as a learner who really matters in this institution. I am fortunate to be in an open plan office and time and time again I overhear the conversations our DPs are having with students about the students' personalised learning plans. The students are so keen to engage in the conversations which are very often geared towards finding personal success for themselves in a non traditional way. I sense their relief at being acknowledged as successful learners rather than as students who are failing and need to be fixed up. I love hearing them talk eagerly about where they see themselves heading. I have the sense that a lot of these students have not felt the sense of entitlement that many other students have always felt. Just imagine if these conversations were happening every day for students. It really highlights for me the need for teachers to stick to conversations that matter with their students.

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