Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wiremu's Shoes

She sits patiently with an air of quiet resignation outside the principal's office. Her body is still and she is gazing at some point in the distance. Beside her on the floor is a pair of shoes, school shoes.
The door opens suddenly. "Come in, come in". It is the principal. He is a shortish man in a grey suit. He hesitates for a moment when there is no response but then regains himself."Kia ora, kia ora,come in, come in."
She picks up the shoes and follows the principal into the office. She sits in the chair in front of the big wooden desk and puts the shoes beside her again on the floor.
The principal sits in a larger chair with a high back.
"I know you'll be upset about Wiremu. He's a good boy - a good boy. But you know we had to make an example of him. Rules are rules. If we let Wiremu get away with wearing whatever he likes then it's a slippery slope - a slippery slope. Wiremu just has to learn. The other students look up to Wiremu - they follow his example. He has had plenty of warning. In the end we had no choice. I am sorry but we had no choice."
She sits in silence for a few moments and then she sighs. She picks up the shoes then and puts them on the principal's desk. Very quietly but with some determination in her voice, she says "Mr. Principal you are obviously very keen to educate my son's shoes. Well, Mr. Principal here they are, Wiremu's shoes."

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