Saturday, 13 April 2013

World Cafe - Belief in everybody

I really like this explanation of the world cafe. It makes so much sense and pares away all the judgements and limitations that are easy to impose on each other.

"The World Cafe is a good, simple process for bringing people together around questions that matter. It is founded on the assumption that people have the capacity to work together, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE. For me this is a very important assumption. It frees us from our current focus on personality types, learning styles, emotional IQ - all the popular methods we currently use to pre-identify and pre-judge people. Each of these typologies ends up separating and stereotyping people. This was not intended by their creators but it is what has happened.
The Cafe process has been used in many different cultures, among many different age groups, for many different purposes, and in many different types of communities and organisations. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO THE PEOPLE ARE, THE PROCESS WORKS.It works because people CAN work well together, CAN be creative and caring and insightful when they're actively engaged in meaningful conversations around questions that count." (pIX)

I have often wondered about personality type theories and although there is bound to be some truth in them they are just not helpful. I like the World Cafe positive belief in the ability of every person to participate on equal footing.

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