Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Drama Design for Impact Project

It's Wednesday again - an opportunity to talk with students about their impact projects. Today I spoke with Sarah, Tara and Sam who are producing a working set for the cast and crew of CABARET. They talked of their pride in achieving something that had such an obvious impact. Last year they designed the set for RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET, and they chuckled when they described how much more organised and well prepared they were this year. They knew exactly what to expect and were able to mitigate against potential disasters. It was their reflection on last year that supported their success this year. For example this year they have spent a lot more time reading through the play and working out the transitions. Sarah said she had spent two whole Wednesdays doing that and how hugely important that was in getting the stage work exactly right.
They are also very aware this year of sustainability. They are thinking hard about how they can use what they are preparing for this production for the next production - SWEENY TODD --AND they are keeping records to make it easier for students who pick up the project next year.
When I asked about what they had learnt for their future all three were quick to talk about the value of their learning about working in a team. They know they have different strengths - Sarah is the organiser, she HAS to have all the paper work exactly right - she is the paperwork queen. Tara is into the construction and design - she is delighted to have Sarah managing the paperwork. Sam is mainly interested in the design and like Tara is very happy that Sarah is taking care of the stuff he has no interest in. They have learnt the value of playing to everyone's strengths. They know when to lead and when to follow. They are happy to challenge each other and through the challenge their personal relationships have become stronger. They are excited about how the experience has increased their self confidence. A big challenge is having to renegotiate when a design that they have come up with does not work and getting feedback that they have to work with. They can see that all these experiences have given them confidence in dealing with people who do not always agree with them. ( They don't know it but they are talking about the KEY COMPETENCIES ).
Sarah, Sam and Tara are very, very excited that they have had this opportunity and I am delighted for them. The students shared their tumblr account with me so I could see exactly what they have been working on and I think it is worth sharing with you. Just click here to see the progress of these very professional set designers

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