Friday, 10 May 2013

It's not like a school

I was talking yesterday with a young man who has been in the school only three days.I wanted to check with him how he was settling in. It was great to see him so excited. His big thing is music and he had already sussed out the potential for himself of impact projects. On Wednesday he had met with the itinerant music teacher who will be his mentor and he had decided on a project in which he will compose his own songs and then design a cover for an album. He knows he will need support for both but he is very confident about achieving both tasks to industry standard.
"This is just so amazing, "he said." It's not like a school - it's just like a place you come to learn stuff."
Obviously for him there is a difference between the two - a school and a place you come to learn stuff.
For me the pleasure is that this was the dream - a place that kids would be excited by.

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