Friday, 31 May 2013

Learning Intentions

I have been thinking a lot about Isaac's Tuesday morning presentation on learning intentions, and in particular on making the learning intentions explicit for the students at the beginning of every period.
Isaac made some comments that are worth keeping in mind.
1) When he was told he HAD to have the learning intentions written up for the students to see, he did his best but did not see much purpose to them.
2) It wasn't till he grasped hold of the idea for himself, read Hattie's research "Visible Learning", did some serious research on what the intentions should look like, that he actually started to see the value.
3) Even when he could see the value it still took him another 6 months of practice to actually reap the benefits with his students.
The value for him now is that -
1) The explicit learning intentions give him a clear direction for his planning.
2) They direct the feedback he gives to students.
3) They give the students a clear sense of purpose for the lesson.

There are a great many lessons we can draw from this but one thing is for sure  -- learning does not happen by chance. It happens with 'intentional' teaching.

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