Saturday, 25 May 2013

Teaching IS inquiry.

Our teachers have just presented the first round of their professional inquiries. In their inquiries they take the time to talk with a selection of their students who have not achieved and work with the students to come up with an intervention that will work. How times have changed.
I remember in my first year of teaching in Rotorua. I had a year 11 class ( the fifth form then ).
At the mid year exams which were a practice for School Certificate at the end of the year my top student gained 82% and my bottom student gained 27%. I carried on teaching till the end of the year and lo and behold in the actual exam the marks were identical - 82% at the top, 27% at the bottom. I clearly remember my HOD calling me up and saying to me that I was obviously very good at marking because I had got the marks exactly right at the half way mark. I believed for quite some time that that was true. I was a very good marker. Dear me ! What he should have said was " Good God woman you might just as well have stayed home for six months- you have not made a blind bit of difference for either of these students."

It's no longer good enough to ignore the data that is in front of you. Teaching IS inquiry - As a teacher you have a duty to find success for every student and to always check with the students why it is that what you taught they did not learn, to find out from them what it is that they need from you in order to find the success that they are owed.

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