Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We banned cellphones - we did what ?

I received feedback today about my graduation speech from a young woman who is teacher training. She was particularly inspired by my comments about the use of technology in schools. It reminded me of comments I heard at a principals' conference a few years back. It was at a time when we really thought we had to ban cellphones and there was huge pressure about it.
One principal boasted that he had taken a cellphone into an assembly and placed in on a stool. He told the students to watch closely and with a great flourish he picked up a sledgehammer and slammed it down on the cellphone, smashing it to bits. Obviously  there was a shocked gasp from the student body. "That," he said in his stern principal's voice, "is what I will do to your cellphone if I EVER see it at school."
Another principal followed up with his story. He told us with great relish how he had taken a bucket of water in to assembly, held a cellphone over the bucket and said "this is what I will do to your cellphone if I ever see it at school"and with that he dropped it with flourish into the water. Of course, there was an equal gasp of horror from the students.
It really is pretty funny because it won't be long before all of us will look back in horror and say -- We did what ?????

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