Thursday, 30 May 2013

You are so wise !

I was chatting to a group of students yesterday and the conversation made me laugh. Our quote "It's not if you are bright it's how you are bright" came up. One young woman said "I LOVE that quote . It's going to be my quote till I die." Another young woman looked a bit shamefaced and she said "I was with a group of my friends and we were talking about all the bright kids so I said 'It's not if you are bright it's how you are bright." She said the whole conversation stopped and one of her friends said "Oh you are SO wise !!!!" She said "I didn't even say that I hadn't just thought of it."
The reason I laughed is because I 've been to a conference where the quote was put up and it had my name under it. Like this young woman I didn't own up either. I think, like her I just wanted everyone to think that I was wise.
Actually we got the quote from Jane Gilbert's book and I'm sure she got it from Howard Gardiner. In the end who cares - we have all said it and it belongs to all of us and what's more if we really believed it and acted on it our schools would be very different.
It's a very cool saying and the kids love it. We are all wise.

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