Wednesday, 5 June 2013

It's in the relationship!

Sometimes you've used an example so often that you forget it's a good one.
We all know (from every researcher and from every students you ask ) that when students have positive relationships with their teachers they are more likely to engage with the learning and to be successful.
The nature of that word 'relationship' is interesting. Relationship imples that there are two equal parties respecting each other and being willing to consider each other's point of view.
In Te Kotahitanga one of the exercises we got teachers to engage with was to consider their own relationships.
Just imagine, we'd say, if you went home tonight and said to your partner "Now look there's a problem here in our relationship but guess what! I am an expert, I have studied for a very long time and I know a problem when I see one and you know what ? the problem is you."
Mmmmm you might just be packing your bags and looking for shelter for the night.
So then let's consider our relationships with our students. Can we honestly say that we don't do exactly that sometimes ? Do we always see our students as equal partners in this teaching and learning and do we always consider their point of view ? OR do we always have the answer because really, deep down we know for sure we  that the problem is them?
Just something to consider.

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