Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tony Iro and Science

Attended coaches' breakfast this morning where Tony Iro presented. I was fascinated by the parallels between teaching and sport. Tony talked about the players who did really well very often saw playing as a science. They didn't just practise, they also watched hours of videos looking at  strategies and different game plays. He describes them as the scientists. Yes they have to be fit but they also need to know the game. It's by watching and building a data bank of good play that brings the improvement. It's the same with teaching isn't it ? - If you want to be a better teacher then at some point you need to see it as a science. Just like the players who want to be champions, watch, watch, watch-- what are the tactics that successful teachers use ? Practise them in  your own game - perfect one strategy then move to another, perfect that and move on to another. Eventually be the teacher that other young players are keen to watch.
Teaching is a scientific endeavour - just like sport.

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