Friday, 12 July 2013

You get paid not for what you know..........

Great to be at the breakfast and later the dinner with Andreas Schleicher. So interesting to hear someone with that huge perspective. One of the comments (among lots of others) he made was -"'You get paid not for what you know, but for what you do with what you know."
He was making the point again that education has to respond to the needs of the students now. Being creative, innovative and thoughtful is a requirement for everyone.

Steve Maharey the Vice chancellor of Massey university visited our students on Thursday and he made exactly he same point to them. He told them to make the most of the impact projects because it is in the projects that they do the learning that will be required of them at university and in the jobs they will be involved in. The world has changed from when their parents left school. They need to know how to solve problems, be part of teams, how to lead, how to contribute. He talked to them about keeping their options open, not getting too focussed on one particular career goal. He impressed on our students that because of their experience with the impact projects they will already have an edge and to be aware of the edge that they have.

It is just great to have this endorsement from two people for who are so reputable one who has a global perspective and one a national, university perspective.

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