Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Your teacher talked with you ? Yeah right !!!!!

Very excited to be at the School Trustees Association Conference - 840 passionate parent educators  who have taken their places on Boards of Trustees to support their schools, their communities, and above all their kids.

Miranda and I presented a workshop on the importance of research and inquiry and the sorts of question Boards can be asking of their principals and their schools.

At one point in my presentation I asked the audience of about 70 to think back to a time when they had failed an assessment in school - there was a bit of laughter - obviously that was not too difficult to do - and then I asked them -'Do you ever remember a time when a teacher sat next to you and said something like - Let's talk about why you have failed this assignment OR -how can I help you understand the bits you have missed ? OR -what is is that stopped you learning this ? OR -maybe I've missed something in my teaching, can you help me with that ? OR -let's find a way together to make sure this failure does not happen again ?  ---- The laughter grew louder and louder. YEAH RIGHT ! was the general mood.

Please let's stop the craziness. Let's encourage all our teachers to be inquirers. How else do you learn how to be a teacher if you don't inquire from your students. The answer of course is that YOU DON"T - you just make the same old mistakes over and over and maintain the status quo.

You might just as well stay home and knit !!

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