Thursday, 1 August 2013

Challenge or inspiration .

Really interesting conversation transpired in our leaders' meeting. We were discussing our professional inquiry and how we could best take a lead in ensuring high quality inquiries. We were talking about the need to challenge when we could see inquiries that were not on track. It was interesting because some teachers were saying how they themselves didn't like challenge and how difficult they found it to deal a challenge to someone they really liked and wanted to maintain a relationship with. So we were talking about how best to have that difficult conversation.
Suddenly one teacher stopped the discussion and said " Well actually I've never been challenged over my inquiries." There was a bit of a hush and we were all thinking - Mmm I wonder who her slack mentor is - and then she said "I've only ever been inspired, inspired to make the changes that I needed to make and I am wondering if the job of  the leader is not to challenge the other but to challenge yourself to be inspiring so that the person you are trying to influence feels inspired by you to make the necessary changes rather than challenged."

I think  that's very  cool. Suddenly the challenge (somewhat negative) is flipped on its head and becomes inspiration (always positive).

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    What an awesome post. Thanks for sharing this. It is very timely for me as sometimes a challenge can knock us... but if we flip it and work to inspire I am sure we can rise above the challenges. What a privilege to inspire rather than challenge. I will tuck that one close and carry it with me.
    Anne K