Thursday, 1 August 2013

Pit-crew ---Tutorials

I was talking with some board members from Tai Wananga yesterday and was explaining why we had allocated so much time to tutorials - 200 minutes every week and why we are so committed to keeping the numbers low - 15 per group and only 5 students at each level and I was reminded as I was speaking of the commitment of our foundation board of trustees to the tutorial concept.

They likened the tutorial to a pit-crew. - So the wheels are falling off, the car is skidding out of control, disaster is looming - STOP - pull over to the side and there's the pit-crew, waiting at the ready - new wheels to attach, pep-talk, brush down -- and lo and behold you're back on track.

It's a great metaphor and a reminder that the care and attention required for each individual was never going to happen in 15 minutes every morning alongside the notices, uniform check, attendance check with 20 - 30 students rearing to get to their first class.

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