Thursday, 14 April 2016

Response to "Cutting Edge of Chaos ?" (PPTA News Volume 37)

Yet again we have negative comments about Modern Learning environments from people who have never worked in them (have never even visited them) and I have to wonder why such views are given an airing and any credit ?

Chris Abercromie says he "thinks of beanbags, walls of windows and breakout spaces" when he thinks of MLEs. Well so what that he thinks that ?

As a teacher I would be giving him feedback along the lines of
1) Your rhetoric needs to be backed with knowledge. What research have you done that gives you the confidence to make such claims ?
2) You talk of "shallow outcomes ". Again what research have you done ?
3) How much testing of any of your theories have you done ?

Chris -- your rhetoric is empty. I bet you would not allow your students to go to print with such shallow reasoning.