Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Alan November and the $1000 pencil.

I have been reading some of Alan November's work recently and the idea of the students carrying around $1000 pencils is the one that keeps coming back to me. It's such a wake up call for all of us. Are we actually doing things differently or are we doing the same stuff with fancy gear? It's a scary thought.

 I have been  particularly inspired by a section in the book "Who Owns the learning?"  It is in the second chapter called "The student as tutorial designer." There is a story at the beginning of the chapter about a mother arriving to pick up her daughter. The daughter was not there. The mother went to look for her daughter and found her in the maths room working on a tutorial for the class. The mother was astonished at her daughter's commitment to the task. It was quite clear that for the daughter having an authentic audience and being able to present using technology was highly motivating for her.

I am going to Alan November's conference in Boston in July and I am really hoping that I can explore the potential of technology to excite and motivate our students.

$1000 pencils ?  just scary.

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