Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Matariki Celebration at ASHS

This year our team leaders decided to celebrate Matariki with a showcasing of the first round of impact projects.

It was fabulous to have the opportunity to talk with students about what they had achieved over the last twelve weeks.

-The inspirational young woman writing a fantasy novel who has designed a cardboard world as a reference point for her writing.
-The two young men designing racing cars  - they had set up a track for us to test our skills.
- The three young women who have interviewed elderly folk from the Retirement Village next door and made up a cookbook with favourite recipes from the past. Some of the recipes were favourites during World war 2. How exciting that the cook book actually arrived on the day.
-The young man who has set up a computer timeline for himself to mark off the number of words he writes. He says it keeps him motivated.
-The three young women who presented their GIRLBOSS business. They have already organised 2 very successful conferences.
-The young man fascinated by the earth and its development has set up an earth timeline. He has been sourcing animals to go with each age.
-The three young men who have designed and built a false door on the top floor of the school with a great message
-The passionate young man who has been rebuilding a trail bike - my goodness he could not stop talkling - his excitement was just an inspiration.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.
From now on I will add to this list every Wednesday

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